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Brice Inc. specializes in logically complex civil projects in rural and remote locations across Alaska. With over 90 different project locations and counting, Brice has completed contracts ranging from airport improvements in the Aleutian Islands to erosion control in the Arctic Circle and gas exploration in interior Alaska. The company routinely tackles several multi-million dollar projects, in multiple locations, while ensuring the quality of each and that budget and schedule restrictions are met. Brice has excellent bonding and banking capacity, 90 percent of its civil construction work has been turnkey, hard dollar, bonded contracts.

Below is a list of past client project highlights in the civil construction field.

Project Highlights

  • Savoonga Airport Improvements

    Budget: $14.8 million

    Location: Savoonga, Alaska

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  • Selawik Landfill Road

    Budget: $2.8 million

    Location: Selawik, Alaska

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  • Dutch Harbor Shoreline Expansion

    Budget: $2.9 million

    Location: Dutch Harbor, Alaska

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  • Amchitka Island Mud Pit Remediation

    Budget: $9.4 million

    Location: Amchitka Island, Alaska

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  • Kivalina Seawall

    Budget: $15.3 million

    Location: Kivalina, Alaska

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  • Allakaket House Pad Repairs

    Budget: $760,000

    Location: Allakaket, Alaska

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  • Trans Alaska Pipeline


    Location: Livengood, Alaska

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  • Drift River Oil Terminal Dike Construction

    Budget: not disclosed

    Location: Drift River, Alaska

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  • Nunivak Prospect – Nenana Gas Project

    Budget: $4 million

    Location: Nenana, Alaska

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  • Valdez Airport

    Budget: $12.8 million

    Location: Valdez, Alaska

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  • Missile Defense System

    Budget: $22.8 million

    Location: Fort Greely, Alaska

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  • Oliktok LRRS Demolition and Environmental Remediation

    Budget: $4.2 million

    Location: Kuparuk Oil Field, Alaska

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  • Koyukuk River Villages Flood Reconstruction


    Location: Koyukuk River, Alaska

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  • Deadhorse D-1 Crushing

    Budget: $3.3 million

    Location: Deadhorse, Alaska

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  • False Pass Landfill Road and Bridge

    Budget: $2.2 million

    Location: False Pass, Alaska

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  • Red Dog Mine Airport Improvements

    Budget: $2.7 million

    Location: Red Dog Mine, Alaska

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  • Newtok Airport Improvements

    Budget: $2.2 million

    Location: Newtok, Alaska

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  • ARRC Curry Quarry Ballast and Riprap Production

    Budget: $8.1 million

    Location: Curry, Alaska

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  • Deadhorse Airport Improvements

    Budget: $13.5 million

    Location: Deadhorse, Alaska

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  • Atka Airport Improvements

    Budget: $18 million

    Location: Atka Island, Alaska

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  • Kalskag Airport Improvements

    Budget: $2.5 million

    Location: Kalskag, Alaska

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  • Point Lay Airport Expansion

    Budget: $11.5 million

    Location: Point Lay, Alaska

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  • Kotlik Tank Farm Removal

    Budget: $370,000

    Location: Kotlik, Alaska

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  • Dalton Highway Milepost 414 Erosion Control Project

    Budget: $1.8 million

    Location: Dalton Highway, Alaska

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