Construction operations in Alaska are logistically challenging, with many communities only accessible by water or air. Continuing its commitment to excellence, Brice decided to invest in marine capabilities. In 1973, Brice Marine was established with the refurbishment of a surplus Navy LCU. Over 40 years later, Brice Marine transports employees, equipment, fuel and materials to remote sites around the world. Its vessels have navigated some of the most difficult stretches of water and successfully delivered equipment despite bad weather, shallow water and challenging conditions. The company also engineered a cutting edge tug/barge design that streamlines the shipping process.

Articulated Tug and Barge

Traditional tug/barge sets are slow, struggle in bad weather and the tow wire can cause serious injuries if not handled properly. In an effort to provide superb customer service and improve efficiency, Brice Marine pioneered the Articulated Tug and Barge (A.T.B) design. A.T.B. eliminates the tow wire, instead marrying the two vessels by large hydraulic rams. The design maximizes speed, fuel efficiency and safety for both crew and cargo.

Capabilities and vessels

  • James B

    Official Number-1194633
    U.S. Flag
    Port of Registry: Fairbanks, AK
    Year Built: 2007
    Barge Dimensions: Length 160 x Breadth 45’x Depth 8
    Tonnage: 389 GT
    Longitudinal Rail Lashing System
    Hydraulic Bow Ramp (RORO capability)
    6,000 sq feet of Usable Deck Area
    850 Short Ton Capacity at Load Line
    ABS Load Line
    Summer Load Line: 5’10”

  • L.A. B

    Official Number – 1194640
    U.S. Flag
    Port of Registry: Fairbanks, AK
    Barge Dimensions: Length 244.2’ x Breadth 54’ x Depth 12
    Tonnage: 1,083 GT ITC…324 NT ITC
    Longitudinal Rail Lashing System
    Hydraulic Bow Ramp (RORO capability)
    10,000 sq feet of usable deck area
    2,000 short ton capacity at load line
    ABS load line
    U.S.C.G. Inspected
    Summer load line 9’01”

  • Kinzea G

    Introduced in summer 2009, Kinzea G is a shallow draft push boat that operates in the rivers of Alaska.

  • Sam B

    Official Number – 1194639
    Call Sign: WDD 5471
    U.S. Flag
    Port of Registry: Fairbanks, AK
    Year Built: 2007
    Construction: Steel
    Tonnage: 276 GT ITC, 85 GRT Domestic/82 NT ITC, 60 GRT Domestic
    Dimensions: 78’09” x 36’ x 10’09”
    Main Engines: 3 ea. 660hp QSK 19 Cummins Tier II engines
    Auxiliary Engines: 2 ea. 99 KW Northern Lights Generators
    Props: 3 ea. 63” diameter running in 3 ea. Type 37 Rice nozzles with triple rudders
    Reduction Gear: Twin disc MG 5170 DC-Ratio: 5.03/1
    Tow winch on the Sam B – Almond Johnson 320
    Light Draft – 7’06”
    Loaded Draft – 10’00”

  • Andy B

    Official Number – 264335
    U.S. Flag
    Port of Registry: Fairbanks AK
    Year Built: 1952
    Construction: Steel
    Tonnage: 56 GRT Domestic/11 NRT
    Dimensions: 60’0’ x 18’07’ x 5’08”
    Main Engines: 2 ea. Cummins N14-M-400 hp
    Auxiliary Engines: 2 ea. 20KW Northern Lights
    Reduction Gear: Twin Disc MG5114DC – Ratio: 4.17:1
    Props: 2ea. 46”
    Tow winch: Lee Bennett Hydraulic Single Drum w/1200’1-1/8
    Tow Wire
    Light Draft: 4’.00”
    Loaded Draft: 4’.05”

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Demobilization of Cape Simpson

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